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Artist Statement

The blurry, dark, and shadowed places hidden among certainty steal my attention. They communicate a vast sense of time and setting and they convey both past and present. These spaces cannot be explicitly defined. They are reflections and explorations of the figures’ minds, providing a place for their physical bodies and their thoughts to live.   

My paintings communicate a space that requires engagement and that is not readily understood. The painted area changes as it invites and rejects visual entry. These ambiguous spaces begin when understood edges become unclear, objects merge into another, and uncertainty becomes apparent. They overlap, supersede, and fragment into one another and become disjointed. Within this tension, the significance and vastness of tangled space envelops the figures, grandly connecting place and form. The two push and pull against each other as the space threatens to overwhelm the presence of the figure. The figure emerges from the contested environment as a distinct dialogue from which the space stems.

Brooke P. Alexander

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